Hunters Lodge Fishery Rules


An Environment Agency fishing licence is required to fish on this site.
Two-rod limit at all times.

Unhooking mats and 36” landing nets must be used on all Carp Lakes.
Barbless hooks must be used on all lakes.

Keepnets must not be used on Kestrel, willows or Kingfisher lakes

Only safe rigs allowed on carp ponds if unsure what a safe rig is ask 

No carp sacks.
For security reasons the gate will be locked at night and not opened until gate opening time the following morning. The gate will only be opened outside these times in an emergency.
Vehicles are not permitted on the banks. 

Vehicles may be subject to random searching on leaving the fishery.  This is due to increases nationwide in fish theft.
Please treat other anglers with respect, no casting into others swims or casting over lines.
No wading, swimming, walking on ice or using the boat on site.
No heavy drinking or groups partying, any instances of bad behaviour may result in you being asked to leave.
No fires, all BBQ's must be off the ground.
No firearms (including air weapons) are permitted.
All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided. No large items to be left.
Any person acting in an unsporting like manner will be asked to leave.
All fish to be returned to the lake they were caught in.
No fishing rods to be left un-attended.
Adhere to 10mph speed limit whilst on fishery.
Dog are only allowed with prior permission of the management and in all cases must be kept under suitable control and cleaned up after.
No nuts of any kind to be used.
Random rig checks are carried out, please do not be offended if you are asked.
The owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, death or theft whilst on the premises. Damage to the complex will result in prosecutions.
If any hazards are seen they must be brought to the attention of the Fishery Manager immediately.